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Additional Rules and Information

This information will also be printed in the premium list.


AED Locations at the Peoria Civic Center

  1. Nurse’s Station in the Great Hall by the Reception Desk.
  2. Great Hall across from the Concession Stand.

Breeder of the Year

Breeders/Fanciers are invited to submit information to qualify for Collie Club of America Breeder of the Year. Winners are honored at the CCA National Specialty following the calendar year for which they win.

The criteria, a Frequently Asked Questions, submission spreadsheet template, and contact info are available at the Breeder of the Year page on the CCA website.

Deadline for submissions is February 9.

Dog Bathing

Dog bathing facilities will be available at the Peoria Civic Center.

Dog Show following the National

All-Breed Dog show:
Sunday March 31, 2019
Columbia Missouri Kennel Club
Purina Farms, Gray Summit MO
Rough & Smooth Collies/ Herding Group: Mrs. Kimberly Meredith Cavanna.
Closes: March 13, 2019
For more information: Onofrio Dog Shows

Handicapped Seating Area

The Handicapped open area will be designated for individuals with special needs as an area to enjoy the National Specialty Show. This area is for wheelchair and scooter parking ONLY. The Handicapped area is not for standing room, grooming or for individuals to set up their own seating. This area will be heavily monitored.

Health Testing

See the Health Testing page for information about health testing and DNA banking being offered at the National by the Collie Health Foundation.

Shining Star Award

The Shining Star Program recognizes collies that do special work in the community. Shining Star is open to ANY PUREBRED COLLIE who works as a Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Education/Library Assistance Dog, or has done any good deed(s) for his family or the community. The owner does not need to be a CCA member, nor does the dog need to be bred by a CCA member.

Each year a collie-handler team that represents the spirit of the Shining Star Program will be chosen as the Shining Star Ambassador. The Shining Star Ambassador team will represent all the collie teams at an awards ceremony at the Collie Club of America’s National Specialty.

The deadline to submit an application for this year's Shining Star award is January 19, 2019.

Click here to go to the guidelines and information for applicants on the Collie Club of America website


General Parking

All Peoria Civic Center parking is FREE. Limited parking will be available in the Peoria Civic Center’s main Marquee parking lot. Additional parking is available in the Fulton Street lot immediately across the street from the side of the Civic Center.

Host Hotels Parking

The host hotels share a parking garage whose entrance is on Fulton Street across the street from the Civic Center. Parking here is restricted to hotel guests only.
The hotel parking garage height limit is 7’1”. Oversize vehicles can park in the Civic Center, Fulton Street parking lot nearest the hotels. Maps will be provided in your Hotel Welcome Packets.

Live Streaming Video and Video Purchase

ShowDogVideoPros will be filming the 2019 CCA National again this year. Here is the important info. Both Streaming Video and Movie Purchase information is available at this link:


Important: LIVE streaming video of any kind - to Facebook Live, You Tube, Face Time, etc - is PROHIBITED.  See video policy below.

Information from ShowDog VideoPros:

LIVE and RECORDED Streaming Video in ****ULTRA HI DEFINITION*****

  1. Day-by-Day and Whole Show Passes good thru 12/31/2019!
  2. CCA 2019 streaming passes good for BOTH Live and Recorded PLUS our **NEW** DVR Replay Service.
  3. Watch 24/7, login as many times as you want.
  4. Limit: 1 user per account at a time; 3 browser devices per account.


Just My Dog - Custom-made edited video of JUST your dog.  Includes footage featuring your dog's exam, movements, cuts, placements, and awards.  Includes one or many classes complete with titling, music and slow motion.  Totally customized to your specs!

NEW Movies for Purchase Options

Gorgeous edited movies of all show conformation classes and events. Every dog is filmed & titled on screen with complete AKC Info. Pre-Order single movies or packaged sets.

NEW Choose Your Format

  1. Standard Definition (regular) DVDs
  2. High Definition Blu-Ray DVDs
  3. Electronic Delivery on USB Flash Drive (for PC or laptop)
  4. Electronic Delivery on Lightning Drive (for iPhone or iPad)



Video Policy and Release

The professional video services and live streaming at this show are governed by a legally binding contract with the club, which includes an exclusive video agreement. No other commercial video recording, video recording from a tripod, monopod or other supported camera/device, or any video recording or streaming of large parts/whole classes or large segments of the shall be permitted. The contractual terms permit individuals to record small bits of video of their own dogs with handheld devices only (e.g. phone, tablet or small camcorder). Filming of large portions of, or entire classes is permitted.

Online streaming of show video to Facebook, Facebook Live, YouTube, UStream, Live Stream, or any other comparable online or social media outlet is strictly forbidden!

All rights to video record and live stream or otherwise exploit this event and/or the persons or animals participating in it, including the names, likenesses and biographical matter of owners, handlers, breeders and kennels participating in the event shall belong solely to the show giving club and/or the American Kennel Club, Inc. No spectator, participant, owner, handler, breeder or kennel shall make commercial use of any video recordings of any person or animal participating in this event without prior written approval from the Club. This event may not be broadcast to social media (e.g. Facebook Live, etc.) without prior written approval from the Club. Submission of an entry form and/or physical presence on the show grounds shall constitute both implied and real consent for both the handler and the dog to be professionally video recorded and streamed live only the by professional video services as contracted by the Club for this Show.

Violation of these show video policies may result in an Event or Bench Committee hearing and appropriate disciplinary action.

Live streaming video and video purchase info is above.