Lady and Kids ~ Playing in Peoria!


Seeing the Sights in Peoria

Lady and her kids took their little red wagons to visit some of the sites in the Peoria area!

First up: the famous Vanna Whitewall, wearing her summer bikini.



Vanna is 17.5 feet tall. She lives 1.5 miles from the show site. You can read about Vanna here and here.


Lady and gang then headed over the river to Carl's Bakery & Restaurant in East Peoria to see
a 10 foot tall rooster in a top hat. This is about 6 minutes from the show site (takes a bit longer if you're driving a little red wagon.) Read about the rooster here.


We hear that the donuts at Carl's are awesome. But get there early, before they run out!


The Collies stopped down the street for ice cream at Twistee Treat.



The Twistee Treat people love dogs, especially Collies!


Twistee Treat is fun to visit.
And the treats are delicious!


The gang headed up to Tower Park in Peoria Heights to see the view.

The tower is a 200' combination water tower and observation deck.

Here's the tower, but wait - what's that on the side? Why, it's a 6-foot tall woodpecker!



Unfortunately, the elevator to the top is closed in March. But here's the view anyway.
If it's any consolation, it won't be this green in March!

Read about Tower Park here. Read about the woodpecker here.
A video about the woodpecker is here.



Click here to see Lady and kids hanging out at the host hotels.



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