Visiting Peoria

Getting Around Illinois
Getting Around Illinois is a web-based interactive mapping site that provides the ability to search and display several sources of transportation data. You can find information on winter road conditions, road construction, Illinois scenic byways, rest areas, etc. 

Restaurants in the Peoria Riverfront District
These restaurants are on or near the Peoria Riverfront. Most are within walking distance of the Peoria Civic Center and host hotels. The Riverfront itself is 1/2 mile from the Civic Center, but note that part of the walk back to the Civic Center is uphill. Note that host hotel guests can arrange transportation via the hotel shuttle.

Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Information about attractions, dining, and other amenities in the Peoria area.

Peoria Riverfront
Tourist information about the Peoria Riverfront. (We've noticed some issues lately reaching this website so may be removing the link here if they aren't resolved soon.)

Peoria Riverfront Museum and Dome Planetarium
The Peoria Riverfront Museum and Dome Planetarium are 0.4 miles walking distance from the Peoria Civic Center.

Grand View Drive
Grand View Drive is a 2.52 mile meandering pleasure driveway constructed in 1903. The “world’s most beautiful drive,” as President Theodore Roosevelt referred to it in a visit to Peoria in 1910, offers visitors numerous panoramic scenic views of the Illinois River Valley and the chance to view many historic and remarkable homes lining it. 

101 Things That Play in Peoria
What plays in Peoria? That puzzler has been pondered as an entertainment, marketing, and political bellwether for more than a century. But today, what concretely plays in Peoria — and only Peoria? What are the building blocks that make this place unique and interesting? This website focuses on 101 things that are distinct to the Peoria area. 

Lady and Her Kids Play in Peoria!
Lady and her kids took a tour of Peoria last summer. Here they are at the feet of the famous 17-foot tall "Vanna Whitewall" less than 2 miles from the show site. Click the link to see more of their adventures.