Exhibitor Move-In & Unloading

Exhibitor move-in begins Monday March 25, from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


On Monday use the Jefferson Street entrance to the Peoria Civic Center to access the unloading area. Follow the signs and instructions from the Show Committee personnel posted there. Hours will be listed in the judging program and on the web site.

NOTE - Vehicles will be permitted to unload inside the building on Monday as long as practical. In fairness to all exhibitors and to expedite the unloading process, ALL VEHICLES INSIDE THE BUILDING MUST BE UNLOADED AT YOUR SPOT AND THEN IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM THE BUILDING: NO SETTING UP OF YOUR GROOMING SPACE IS PERMITTED WHILE YOUR VEHICLE IS IN THE BUILDING. Any exhibitor who does not adhere to this directive or does not remove a vehicle when asked to do so will be subject to a bench show committee hearing.

Photos, videos, and maps will be posted here soon.