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Guests of Pere Marquette host hotel please read!

Marriott Pere Marquette Reservations - Refrigerators

When we first contracted the Marriott Pere Marquette as one of our host hotels for the 2019 National, they were in the process of outfitting all rooms with refrigerators. We were promised that by our 2019 event that project would be complete. We had been checking in with them regularly to see if everything was still on schedule, and we were assured each time that it was!

In 2018 the owners of the property went into bankruptcy and all expenditures were put on hold. The property was subsequently sold, and we were again assured everything should be back on schedule to be completed in time. But unfortunately, time was not on their side, with the new owners just now coming out of receivership they had not been able to move forward with furnishing the final rooms with refrigerators.

We are currently working with the management and they are doing everything possible to alleviate this unfortunate situation. Please be patient and courteous in your dealings with the staff, as they will be doing their best to accommodate your needs.

Upon checking into the Pere Marquette, you will be asked if you need a refrigerator in your room. If you do not, please let them know so as many others that do can be accommodated!

Additionally, if the Pere is unable to provide you with a room with a refrigerator, you MAY be offered the opportunity to change your reservation to the Courtyard IF a room is available there. This will be determined at the time of your check-in, there are no guarantees!

For those of you they are unable to accommodate, the Pere will be providing already bagged ice free of charge for you to use in your coolers. Just ask at the front desk.

We apologize for this inconvenience and are making every effort to get the word out! Again, the staff at the Pere is going above and beyond to work with us on this, please be appreciative!

Host Show Committee
Kelly Montgomery
Jean Framke


Sunday March 17 deadlines:

RAFFLE tickets - Drawing is tonight at midnight!

WELCOME PARTY box dinner orders and RSVPs!

And don't forget put in your reservation for the Collie Health Foundation Banquet. Reservation deadline is Wednesday, March 20.


The judging program has been posted for the Peoria events: Click here


The judging programs have been posted for Herding and Agility.

Click here for the HERDING judging schedule.

Click here for the AGILITY judging schedule.


Conformation, Junior Showmanship, Obedience, Rally counts:

Click here for preliminary counts
Click here fore preliminary conformation class breakdowns


Welcome Party update: Now accepting RSVP's and box dinner reservations. You must RSVP to be eligible for door prizes, even if you don't order a box dinner. Click here for details.


The host hotel has extended the CCA rate reservation cutoff date until TODAY March 4 at 5:00pm Central Time. Click here to reserve a room online.


Reminder - Upcoming deadlines
Reservations close March 1 for:
Breed Education seminar
Performance Dinner
Welcome Bags

Note that March 1 is the deadline for welcome bags, NOT for the welcome party.

February 28 is the reservation cut-off date to qualify for CCA rates at the Quality Inn in Elgin (near Campton Hills agility/herding site)

March 1 is also the reservation cut-off date to qualify for CCA rates at most of the Peoria hotels.

See the Deadlines page for a complete list of deadlines.


The date of the CCA Herding Instinct test is incorrect on page 3 of the master premium list from Foy Trent Dog Shows. The correct date is Sunday, March 24. The date is listed correctly in other publications, including the Herdiing premium list.


The PREMIUM LIST for the National, including the Conformation, Junior Showmanship, Obedience, & Rally events, is now available on the Foy Trent Dog Shows website.


The premium lists are now available for HERDING and AGILITY.

Visit the Events page for information and downloads.


RAFFLES are now open for three terrific prizes:

Choose a single raffle or order a bundle! Visit the Raffles page for full details!


Please remember to send in your TROPHY sponsorship!


Reservation information is now available for grooming, seating, etc. Visit the Reservations page for details and reservation forms.


Be sure to include the Breed Education Seminar in your plans!

Prodigy Puppies: Nature and Nurture – Pre-Birth to 6 months ~
Cultivating the Bond



Registrations for the Futurity closed September 26. Visit the Futurity page for information!  


National Overview
March 22-30, 2019
Conformation, Obedience, Rally   Herding & Agility
Peoria Civic Center
201 SW Jefferson Ave
Peoria IL 61602
  Agility At The Farm
8N861 Burlington Road
Campton Hills IL 60140


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