Driving Directions to Peoria Civic Center RV Parking Lot:

Remember: Reservations were required for RV parking. If you did not make a reservation you will not be permitted to park in the RV parking lot!

Note: All RVs should follow these instructions. Do not follow the driving directions for non-RV drivers.

From the East

From the West

From the North


CLICK HERE FOR RV VIDEO - from the east
Video description: RVs from the east: I-74 westbound to Peoria Civic Center. All RV’s coming from the east should follow this route because you will need to enter the RV parking lot from William Kumpf Blvd as shown in the video. All other vehicles should NOT use this route on Monday or Tuesday.
** We were unable to create a separate video for I-74 eastbound RV’ers, but the I-74 eastbound video for non-RVs can be followed until the audio instruction to left at SW Monroe. RV’ers should not turn there but instead continue on William Kumpf Blvd one more block and turn left at John H Gwynn Jr Ave.


Map from the West:


Map from the East:


This is the approach into the Civic Center at John H. Gwynn Jr. Ave from William Kumpf Blvd. Turn left here onto Gwynn.


After pulling into the driveway stop and wait for assistance to be directed to your parking spot. You will be making an immediate turn into the parking lot where the chain is in this photo, so should swing a little wide to the left in the driveway.


Closer photo of where RVs will be turning into the parking lot.




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