Getting to Exercise Area in Host Hotels Parking Garage

An exercise area will be set up on the first level of the parking garage adjacent to the host hotels. The area will be under cover, so protected from any precipitation. The flooring will be wood shavings on top of plastic. This will be the closest place to the host hotels to take your dog for a quick potty break if you don't want to go across the street to the grass at the Civic Center.

There are 2 ways to access this area from the hotel:

1) - From the parking garage take the elevator to the ground level ("G"). If coming from the hotel, take the hotel elevator to the skywalk level. Walk through the skywalk to the parking garage, then take the garage elevator to take the elevator to the ground level ("G").

2) - To get there with fewer elevators and less walking, go to the lobby level of the hotel and enter the "Associates Only" door located past the Bistro. The hotel has given CCA guests permission to take their dogs this way to the exercise area. Mindy Gudat from the Pere Marquette shows us the way in the photos below.

Note: you may also wish to take this route past the Bistro to the show site if you'd rather not use the skywalk. As noted in #1 above, unless the driveway gate is open you'll need to walk through the parking area to reach Fulton Street.


Use the door at the end of the hallway to the left of the Bistro.


After going through the door there will be a few steps down.
Go straight ahead through the next 2 doors (which are usually left open). Note that you will be following the Exit signs.


Turn left where indicated by the Exit sign.


Go all the way to the end of the hallway and turn right (as indicated by the Exit sign)


These double doors exit into the driveway.
Take note of the posted door code! You will need to enter this code to get back in the building!
The same code will be used for the entire week we will be there.


After stepping outside, bear to the left and walk across the driveway and past the utility boxes to the covered parking area.


Follow the sidewalk into the parking garage itself. The exercise area will be on the concrete in this area. There will be chips and plastic here with temporary fencing.



Note if you turn left out of the building and continue down the driveway instead of going under the parking structure, the Civic Center is across the street (Fulton Street). Normally the gate shown below is closed, but you can walk through the parking structure instead; there is a walk-through door at that far end of the garage onto Fulton Street. However, that door is normally locked overnight.